Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life In Transition

We’ve known for ages that we’d be spending the next 10 months in Brazil, but suddenly, we’re a week out from completely emptying our house, packing our bags and leaving Boise, en route to being in Brazil two weeks from now.

What started as a slow and stealthy removal of our and the kids’ toys, books and clothing has turned into a floodgate of disappearance. We’re just about to move into larger items like artwork and furniture and the kids are getting upset, as witnessed by both ending up in our bed last night…first Ginger around 12:30 a.m., then Bas around 2:30. Brian wisely removed himself from the mayhem to the futon couch after Ginger joined us. ‘Sleeping’ between Bas and Ginger in a not so big bed is a bit like being a buffer zone between two active seismic plates, or maybe like getting some sort of tandem massage (a grazing hand to the face or hair, a knee to the back) without the therapeutic benefits.

It'll be hard for all of us to walk away from wonderful friends but we know our time in Belo Horizonte (the largest Latin American city you've never hear of, 5 million metro area) will be a great experience all around, especially once we know where we'll live and where the kids will go to pre-school a few mornings a week!