Friday, January 1, 2010

Baby Got Bunda

Bunda: the butt, the bum, the tush. Brazilian beachwear for women is all about the bunda. Women of all sizes opt for maximum butt exposure. The Brazilian bikini bottom, regardless of style or size, has one thing in common from the backside - its angle. It’s shaped like an architect’s crisp V. American bikini bottoms are reminiscent of a 5th grade girl’s handwriting -- the same kind of writing where there’s a heart over the i’s and the bikini bottom is the loopy and well-rounded w. An American friend described it more like a diaper – big and bulky. She’s right, but I’m still not ready to make the switch, even for a New Year’s resolution!

Brazilian boys and men still favor the tsunga, a Speedo-like bottom. I have seen (far too often for my own good) older men sporting only a tsunga with socks and sneakers while out exercising. Even under duress, Bas refused to make the switch to the tsunga at his swim lessons even though they required such swim wear. We compromised by getting him a biker shorts-version of a bathing suit. I’m a fan of the surf shorts the real surfer dudes wear around here. Ironically, these are the guys who could actually carry off the tsunga. Oh well!

(note: the photo was taken on a family-friendly beach. You should see the scantily-clad on the hip-happening beaches like Praia Mole!)

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  1. I feel the same way about the whole switch up on beachwear. Do certain populations of dumpy people not have access to mirrors? :p